• Yeti Solar SunPortal – Indoor Solar Lighting Kit – SUNPORTAL1

    - Includes Solar Panel, Light Fixture, Battery and Charge Controller

    Product ID • SUNPORTAL100

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YetiSolar SunPortal LED Light is a revolutionary new all-in-one indoor solar LED lighting package. The SunPortal LED Light includes its own solar panel, charge controller, battery, and light.

The Battery allows you to save the sun for later and use the sun's light at night. It is bright and strong enough to read by. The SunPortal LED Light unaffected by power outages and you can use it when the grid fails.

This is a 12V direct-current system is simple and safe enough to install yourself and about 2 hours.

For Daily Use with optimum placement of solar panel, light can be used for 8+ hours at a time, and be fully recharged the next day with good sun conditions. And for emergency you can drain the battery completely and the light can be used for 20+ hours.

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Technical Specs

YetiSolar SunPortal Solar Light - Solar Panel - LED Lighting System Techs and Specs

  • Solar Pane
    20 Watts
  • Solar Panel Size
    20.9 inches x 13.8 inches x 1.2 inches
  • Battery
    12 Volts, 9 Ampere-hours (fits behind light fixture)
  • Lights
    4 LEDs, total output of 1,554 Lumens
  • Light Fixture Size
    8 inches wide x 7 5/8 inches tall x 2 9/16 inches deep
  • Charge Controller
    charges using boost, equalize, and float Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), charge indicator light, low internal
  • power consumption (<4 miliAmperes), fits behind light fixture